ya so i havent made one in forever so love you

Tumblr Crushes
romulusthread, anniesknots, ihearmelodies, silentavox, odair, mutedlikesunset, frostingpeetaswounds, ohshush, finnickwhoredair

Flawless people I look up to
foxfaced, odairrieres, flowersforrue, teacupinastorm, allofthisiswrong, mynightmaresareaboutlosingyou, lieselmemingers, ourkingweasley, melark, mcavoys, nikola-nickart, peetapockets, nowshutupandeatyourpears, mockingfire, maysile

Blogs/People I love
cityless, dontgoquietlyy, hyac1nth, namrata’s blog whatever her url may be, thosenightsonthetrain, muggleland, chroniclesofpanem, niggas-in-panem, fredweasley, silentavox, galehawthorne, ruesberries, mockingjay- 

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    thanks bbg
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    omg all ur stuff you make is so flawless i just cant
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    omfg I was just going to scroll past this then I saw my name tagged and I screamed why, this graphic is gorgeous, thank...